Why I support WomenOfColour before Feminists.

Why I support WomenOfColour before Feminists.

The Initials WW above are referring to, white women. And when I say Women Of Colour- I mean African, Arab, Native American and Asian women. The most atrocities of humanity have been committed on their watch- much more so than a white feminist. This is what riled me up the most about the #womensmarch this weekend. I am of the opinion that it was, selfish and self serving.

Feminism states that it is for equality but the truth is, a hierarchy exists within feminism and women’s empowerment, there isn’t any equality within it because it begins with the white woman right at the top. And the more indigenous women below her. If feminism was for true equality don’t you think that it would address the inequality that exists within it first? No. Because the white feminist would like to remain at the top and try to convince women of colour who are working hard enough for their own rights to vouch for them. This is the main reason I QUIT feminism. Because I see most of white feminists advocating for themselves and not for other world issues that are are quite honestly atrocious and in need of their immediate attention. The white woman has the most rights than any woman around the world currently and would like even MORE rather than bring up her sisters around the world who are still oppressed first.

When the women of Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan were attacked in the U.S war… why didn’t American Feminists not stand up to their leaders and go- It is wrong to target and subject innocent civilian families to their destruction. The U.S war was an ethnic cleanse of Middle Eastern people. THIS needed advocacy before feminism. (& If you don’t already know that the whole Afghanistan thing wasn’t about terrorism but in fact about oil, then you have another thing coming. )

As black women ON AMERICAN SOIL watch their men being killed/ dragged away to jail on unjust and unfair biases by the American police and judicial system. What are the white feminists doing to support their #blacklivesmatter cause? I BET you that if more white feminists stood up for black women, we would see what happened in Selma when Black people were finally allowed to march under the leadership of Martin Luther King. They were allowed ONLY WHEN, their white brothers and sisters joined them in the march. Therefore if you are a white feminist reading this, my question to you is, would you consider standing up and advocating for black women in order to end the reenactment of modern day slavery in prisons for black people? So that they can have a chance to vote again ? (For more insight on this, I suggest watching the movie “13” on netflix)

by fb: femifesto.

Native american women were the first to experience ethnic cleansing on American soil. Today most of their stories are forgotten as they strive to not only preserve their right to have normal healthy children, but the right to practice their cultural values and traditions. The sad truth is that the United states was sadly founded on their genocide. Where are the white feminists to stand up to an injustice that took place right on their soil ?

On Asian women, It is seriously sad what happened in Vietnam. When the massacre of lives destroyed wasn’t enough for the American patriarchy and their nuclear attacks, they went ahead and poisoned their sustenance, their crops and their growing fields. For many of them this was their main source of livelihood, and TO THIS DAY, vietnamese women are still giving birth to deformed babies and having a hard time nurturing a healthy generation of children, because of the toxicity that the American government caused to their farmlands and entire civilization. Is there any feminist group going to lobby for them on American soil ?

These are just examples of some serious and worthy issues that I feel should’ve been advocated for days ago, years ago, decades ago, centuries ago. When a white feminists asks me whether I am really aware of why women marched… I will ask her if she herself was really aware of the inequality that exists in the world that is worth her true advocacy ..

The only solution I see is to make more WW aware of their standing and encourage them to advocate for women of colour. Because as is evident in the United States- They don’t listen to the WOC until the White people stand up. If you are a WW reading this, are you willing to advocate and actually show up for a cause designed to empower a Woman Of Colour?

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