“The secret of inviting happiness” – Reiki principles.

“The secret of inviting happiness” – Reiki principles.


One of the ways that I have recently re-invented my meditation and Reiki practice has been through a deeper appreciation of the Reiki mindfulness principles.  Although the Reiki Principles aren’t the most popular aspect of the Reiki modality today, they were considered by many to be at the very core of the Usui system of natural healing.

When they were first introduced by the founder (Dr.Usui) they were often  described as
The secret of inviting happiness through many blessings & 
The spiritual medicine for all illnesses

These 5 Principles are; Just for Today….
Do not anger
Do not worry
Be humble
Be honest in your work
Be compassionate to yourself and others

-Just for today. Is a practical sentence to keep the mind focussed on the NOW. Which is a typical buddhist stance. By focussing on tomorrow- well tomorrow never comes.  Our ability to release/forgive the past, also keeps us from remaining in yesterday . As these precepts are practiced in the NOW, then they can be applied at each and every passing moment of our lives.

– Do not anger.
 Is another basic buddhist principle. Anger only tends to bring more harm to the person holding on to it rather than the person who caused it. It also takes a lot of energy to harbor anger . Once we are willing to no longer be a victim to our reactive senses, then the focus can be re-invested on our growth and evolution.

– Do not worry.
 As this causes stress at all levels. Stress lowers the immune system opening one up to the
 potential of dis- ease. Worry is also often a reaction that does not trust the universe to provide what is best for our well being.

- Be humble and grateful. An attitude of gratitude often causes massive shifts in our awareness. As 
we begin to focus on that which we already have abundantly in our lives, it allows us to release feelings of lack. Life doesn’t owe us anything, however, it is through grace that we enjoy goodness in our lives. To be always thankful acknowledges this.

Be honest in our work. Is all about being fully present with your day to day tasks while earning an honest living. Anything done with acute 
attention can be transformed into something amazing. Often times even washing dishes with actuate attention feels like a meditation and makes it more enjoyable. Also frequently when we are having a great time we may ask “ where did all the time go?”, because we are focussed on the moment. This precept also asks us to be truthfully dedicated to our progress by not becoming too identified with it.

- Be compassionate to yourself and others. Is all about seeing the reflection of ourselves through others. 
Often times what we notice as things that others need to work on – are actually things within ourselves that we need to work on. When we continually let go of judgement within ourselves and others we may begin to act with the same compassion that we would like to receive. 
Mindfulness brings peace to life. This thought reminds us of the part within human nature that is 
compassionate and to understand the experience of our connectedness.

I often share these principles in my Reiki sessions with clients and I have had a couple of them come back and say to me, “Thanks for sharing those principles, they were so simple and easy to remember, I kept them with me during my day.”

Im all about simple tools that create powerful shifts in perception. :).
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