The 3 reasons why #womensmarch was ineffective.

The media says that the thee main reasons for the protests were 1) to protest the Trump presidency and 2) to go against his stance on abortion. 3) For ‘equality’ in the name of feminism. Heres why I call bullshit on these three main reasons:

First of all, Donald Trump won the American election fair and square at the polls. Whether or not his campaign was fair is another story. But when are campaigns ever fair? Some would argue that the ads that Clinton put out were unfair too. Regardless he won, the American people spoke loud and clear. But I think most of the resentment came because his success was a hit to the Feminist movement in the U.S that would’ve rather seen a woman get elected than a man. And so this was actually a competitive backlash without a genuine issue at the heart of the matter.

On Donald Trump’s stand on abortion, I actually watched an insightful interview on Dr.Oz the Friday that he was sworn into presidency. He stated clearly that he was Pro life, BUT ALSO that he would tackles the women’s issue more effectively by making contraceptives more readily available- perhaps without a prescription. This to me seemed like a VALID and thoughtful solution given the fact that it is a preventative issue to counter abortion which is an invasive and expensive process for the government to provide.
(And ppsstt ladies, have you ever heard of aborticants in the form of herbs? That you don’t need a prescription for? — What I know about a woman is where there is a will, there is a way. Even as she exercises her Goddess given right to take life or sustain it. )

Feminism states that it is for equality but the truth is, a hierarchy exists within feminism, there isn’t any equality within it because it begins with the white feminist right at the top. And the women of colour below her. If feminism was for true equality don’t you think that it would address the inequality that exists within it first? No. Because the white feminist would like to remain at the top and try to convince women of colour who are working hard enough for their own rights to vouch for them. This is why I QUIT feminism. Because I see most of white feminists advocating for themselves and not for other world issues that are are quite honestly atrocious and in need of immediate attention. The white woman has the most rights than any woman around the world currently and would like even MORE rather than bring up her sisters around the world who are still oppressed first.

On Monday, following the women’s march on the weekend, Mr Donald Trump signed an “Anti-abortion executive order” according to the Huffington post. Proving that the motives of the protest were an epic fail. For me, the intentions were skewed from the beginning.

If you asked me.. it was an unwarranted, unnecessary attack in the name of ‘feminism’.

What I would’ve loved to see more is “feminists” who claim to be for equality standing up for women of colour who don’t have as many rights as she does in order to truly equalize the playing field. ( And when I say indigenous- I mean African, Arab, Native American and Asian women) That is the only moment that I would support feminism. Until then I stand for the indigenous woman and the woman of colour. Until I see feminists stand up for true issues worth looking at rather than self-servingly for themselves.

(see my post on why I support WomenOfColour first before feminism)

©Hope Jemimah.

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