Summer Solstice Reflections.

Summer Solstice Reflections.

My summer solstice reflections went little like this:

Extra dimensions, archetypes & extra psychic powers…
sure – they are good for play, but do we really….need them to feel like we’ve achieved something?
Often to me its just sounds like extra mental baggage.

Id rather just live now.
Be a lover.
Make love to someone.
Be content just as I am.
Love here.
If I dream, dream here. -It may become reality.

There is enlightenment in a snap shot.

Astrologically too,
close to this summer solstice –  Neptune went retrograde ( Neptune represents our dreams but also our illusions, therefore her backward spin could clear the fog of our illusions and turn down our dreamy tempo ).

Additionally, the taskmaster Saturn met with Neptune in a tense square – 90 degree angle
( a square is when the planetary energies conflict and cause creative tensions that could bring rich rewards over time).
Saturn rules karma, self discipline and our places of limitation. Therefore when combined with the retrograde motion of Neptune- this brings up the opportunity to clean up our illusions with discernment and a stroke of realism.

I thought deeply about the illusionary nature of the spirituality field. Yes, I believe in seeing beyond the physical, however, Ive seen many spiritualists get carried away with it. (Myself included ) .
On social media groups, I watch many assign labels, goddess archetypes and show off their ‘psychic power’. While at the core of it they are all incredibly beautiful people, just wanting to be seen, wanting to be heard – like the rest of us

And all I want to say is – “your already beautiful and worthy as you are- without that.”

However the best news is…  This life is so damn beautiful if we are present with it.

Lets not forget how awesome it is to be sensual beings ?
mmhhh yum food,
aaahhh wow beautiful earth,
mmmmh yeah sex,
aaahhh wow flower smell so good,
oooh emotions… feel-y feel-y…

Id rather experience that than chase the latest spiritual trend. Its simple.
And I can choose depth of awareness in a moment .
Within the language of our bodies.

In summary :
Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment chop wood, carry water.( Perhaps with little more awareness)

This quote represents to me the non- attachment of spiritual phenomena. To be present in the moment with our transformation, and the letting go of the expectation to get somewhere else if some ‘power’ is attained. Im also reminded to love what I have right now. And to make even repetitive or mundane things seem new with deeper awareness and attention.

What does this quote bring up for you ?
I often come up with a fresh perspectives as I contemplate it , but I’d love to hear your perspective too.


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