For those with Warrior Hearts.

For those with Warrior Hearts.

This is for those with a fighters heart….
Ones whose rhythm extends from within their beat,
Whose lifeblood flows with purpose in their arms,
Only to land on their sleeves.

This is for those who live with their whole heart,
who would rather plant their feet in quicksand,
than sit on a fence, unable to commit,
because it is worth the fight.

Is it bold to openly wear these wounds ?
Beautified like tattoos in sight.
Now, don’t mistake this gaze for fury,
Just because in these eyes, passions delight .

This is for those with the broken hearts,
who unknowingly let trespassers by,
watching the heart cave in on itself,
and veraciously build itself in the process.

This is for the hearts that have seen it both.
who know the heights of connected joy,
and the depths of unworthy depression.
lest we forget, we persevere for the latter.

Isn’t it amazing how it still beats?
with a strong will to live.
If there was truly a way to close a heart,
I would forego it to truly live.

So here we stand with our chests warm,
With our spirits burning from a spark.
Our resume’ echoes in the past,
As a truer calling awaits ….

© Hope Jemimah.

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