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  • What your Moon sign means for your emotions
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Testimonials with Hope.

Christine HHolistic Nutritionist

“I wanted to receive my Reiki One attunement from a teacher who truly ‘walks the walk.’ I found this genuineness in Hope. Her teaching and guidance is powerful, loving and very special, much like the woman herself. ”

Tamara M.  Reiki Practitioner .

Women's Alchemy - has transformed my perception of the union we wish to harvest in ourselves. Hope has provided an inspiring journey of the divine woman coming into her fullest and is shedding light on the path to do so. I am grateful to be part of the process. 

Alia Rose 
Massage Therapist

“Reiki 2 & 3  has opened me up to the teachings of the original teachers of Reiki and their desire to share all levels of healing. Hope’s teaching was so clear, open and in depth. She has a natural ability to put you at ease and guide you through all the steps with confidence. After the workshop, I felt so open relaxed and ready to share reiki. Mahalo Hope for the gifts that you share so honestly and freely. I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in this modality.”

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