9 Insightful ways of Nurturing Emotional Pain.

Lets take a moment to reflect on the care that you apply to yourself when you are physically injured.

If I scrape/ cut my knee, I will most often take the time to pause, feel the pain and assess the level of damage.
Is it a deep wound or just a surface one?

Then I would take myself to a safe place away from danger to nurture it.
Is it bleeding ? Does it hurt more when I touch around it ? Do I need to leave it a moment to dry in the sun ?

As I sit I know that it still hurts and ill try not to pick it too much but it needs some first aid/ cleaning.
What can I apply as an agent to facilitate the healing? Does it need a band aid? or particular care for a while in-order to heal?

As I leave it alone to heal, I am careful to shelter it from further damage. After a while I will check…
Is it still tender ? Does it need more time alone?

I am aware that a healing process takes time and may require some patience.
Can I shift my attention and trust the process will begin to heal ? Now that I have looked at it and tended to it ?

The next day I check up on it.
Is it forming a scab? Is the scab hard to the touch or still soft ? does it need more self care?

A day after I check again
Does it need more time to form a stronger scab? Do I still need to try a different remedy ?

The next day…
Is it time to take the bandaid off ? How can I take if off gently to conserve the healing process and not cause more harm?

The wound has formed a scab, it has fallen off. The skin is still raw, but better none the less. I can now confidently trust that my skin will return to normal soon without my constant attention.

This is what I usually advice others to do when they ask me how they can take care of emotional wounds. Are you assessing your inner state to process healing.. asking insightful questions that could reveal a new perspective?
Our society is so physically focussed and we have all the right training to take care of our physical wounds. However people don’t always take the same time and dedication with wounds that are underneath on an emotional level. I often apply the same process I would take for my outer wounds with my inner wounds .

How do you nurture your emotional wounds ?
©Hope Jemimah.

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