5 reasons- I’m enough a Woman & not a ‘Goddess’ .

5 reasons- I’m enough a Woman & not a ‘Goddess’ .

Sometime in July 2015 Instagram blocked the use of the hashtag #goddess. Many women took to social media responding with the hashtag #bringbackthegoddess. But for me, it couldn’t have been more timely. I actually thought, ‘Bring back the Goddess? She has always been here. When did she leave?”.

A few of my friends expected me to join the fight on social media given the fact that I am always advocating for women’s rights, and were surprised when I shared my support for it. The fact is the hashtag #God was still being used, but I thought to my self … ‘well I could just refer to God as a- She and that would be as effective no ?” Im sure that the administrators of the Instagram platform felt that the hashtag was being misused and linked to pornographic images.
In some ways I could agree with this reasoning. Not because I don’t support the Goddess, but because I am in sacred devotion with her each day in a very real way that varied from selfies. This to me was a clear depiction and reflection of the narcissism in our society.

Goddess is not cleavage or a curvy ass shot. Goddess is the life and blood that flows beneath the skin and radiates health and vitality through these areas. This is something that cannot be quantified and often the Goddess energy is held internally as spirit touring us form within.

Show me your passions, show me what inspires you, show me what lights your soul on fire- That is Goddess .

Not an outward show off in physical appearance like we see on social media. For these reasons I supported the fact that Instagram took down the hashtag because clearly the Goddess was being misrepresented by women themselves.

Don’t get me wrong, I stand to bring justice to the feminine and recognize the patriarchy that has caused our society to refer to God as a “he” when all of life and nature reflects to us that “She” is a feminine force. The lifeline of our world, our ecosystems, our food and our lands. Granted men are essential in providing the seed that brings forth new life- However, only a woman can give birth to both male and female existences. The masculine cannot give birth to new life, thus stalling the cycle of regeneration.

This is essential to understand and this is why women have been revered for centuries in ancient cultures. Because of the ability that she possesses to bring forth new life- not only for her physical appearance. Even the breasts that are often predicated upon by our media are so that we may feed the next generation of children to be healthy and strong in immunity. Clearly they were not created just for male enjoyment. And there are many ways in which women bring things to life that is not exclusive to child bearing. She can direct the force to birth life to her career, home, cooking, entrepreneurial ventures and creative pursuits.

And the last point that I would like to make is the use of the term Goddess in ‘New Age’ and ‘spiritual by-pass’ communities. Let me begin by saying that most women who end up in these circles are wounded to begin with and seeking healing. Often they are drawn in by the feel good positive nature of these communities which is sometimes a nice contrast to their past experiences. Unfortunately though, many end up in a predatorial lair where they are swayed by men who bestow on them words like “Goddess”.

Ive often heard classic bypass phases like “He cheated on me but I don’t care – Im a Goddess” . “Im having memories of past abuse but I can’t look at that right now- because I’m focussed on being a Goddess”. “I feel ugly today, I’ll pump up my esteem with- I am a Goddess” . Its just downright inauthentic and fails to tackle the issues at hand- A desperate call within parts of ourselves that need healing.
I once heard one man in the New Age community comment after being dumped, ‘I was the one who gave her the privilege of the word ‘Goddess’ first. And now she left me, I shouldn’t have given her that gift’. – I felt like smacking him over the face for quantifying the term as though it was a medal to be worn.

And so here I am as Hope. A woman. Goddess flows though me as she does all of life. However I will continue to serve her in the humility of knowing that her presence is a gift that flows inside of me. Only I can feel her like I do. Many women also feel her like I do. And so society and spiritual cultures- keep your self serving titles that are meant to make me feel more worthy, because I am already worthy and don’t need a title for it.

I am Woman and that is enough.

©Hope Jemimah

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