Hey Soulful Sisters !

Of many successful women acting like men.
(inorder to be respected, considered powerful and successful) 
And so join the revolution of the

Pleasurably Grounded Feminine

Where influential women TRANSFORM from feeling disconnected in anxiety(or their masculine) into Pleasurably Grounded into their balanced feminine THROUGH coming home into their body with ease, grace & flow. (because that is MORE respectable, powerful and soulful) 

Coreen Larson

Loving,  Powerful and Connected.

" My experience working with Hope has been very loving, powerful and connected. She has loved me with grace and gentleness that I have become aware fully of the vastness of what she embodies and the medicine she carries. It is deep and powerful, wise and ancient. "

Genuineness and 'Walking the walk' 

“I wanted to receive from a teacher who truly 'walks the walk.' I found this genuineness in Hope. Her teaching and guidance is powerful, loving and very special, much like the woman herself. ”

Christine Hanson
Jen Stevenson 

She is Authentic, Walks her Talk. 

"Hope is an open, intuitive facilitator and a pleasure to work with. She is authentic--walks her talk, and passionate about sharing her knowledge with others. It’s this ease and approachability that will have me come back . " 

She Untethers Faulty Beliefs

" Hope has a creative entourage of skill-sets that set her apart as a teacher. Her leadership and authenticity of expression makes the way for others that much easier. My experiences in working with Hope is that she helps un- tether faulty beliefs to make way for a positive life "

Jillian Wisborg
Chrissy Briel.

Confidence and Connectedness like never before. 

" My spiritual journey has been a magical experience with the love and guidance of my sister Hope! She has taught me the true meaning of anchoring in the now . So privileged to work with such an amazing woman. Feeling a sense of confidence and connectedness like never before "

Transformed my Perception of Union.

" Has Transformed my perception of the union we wish to harvest in ourselves. Hope has provided an inspiring journey of the divine woman coming into her fullest and has shed light on the path to do so. I am greatful to have witnessed it.   "

Tamara Makeda 
Iryna Arteyeyeva 

Insightful and Empowering Experience

" I enjoyed exploring this topic and connecting certain points of knowledge into one piece, gaining new and wider understanding . Definitely wishing to dive deeper into the details of this exploration. The Ceremony and meditation were beautiful."

About Hope Jemimah

  • ​An Advocate for Holistic Healing and Wellness. Has profesionally represented companies such as Now foods, Rawfoodz & Tonica Kombucha in health stores, events and health shows.
  • Taught Energy Healing internationally for 7+ Years.
    Taught and Certified Reiki Practitioners internationally.
    Held Women Circles internationally for collective feminine healing.
    Ordained Minister in Metaphysics.
  • Often humbly singled out by Shamans, Native Chiefs and Mystery School Leaders as a 'Medicine Woman' for the Divine Feminine
  • Natural Birthing Mother, who transformed the 'pain of birth' into a true 'labour of Love' .
    Without the epidural, induction, pain medication or numbing. Fully present in her Feminine. TWICE. 

Hi my name is Hope Jemimah. I am, a Pleasurably Grounded Feminine Embodiment Coach and I work with soulful, Influential women who would like to get out of the hamster wheel of masculine dominated anxiety (and feeling like they have to act like men and bypass their femininity to be successful) into coming home into their balanced feminine body, harnessing their feminine creative power, and magnetizing a life beyond their wildest dreams from their feminine.

But what I am most passionate about is supporting the shift of our earth from masculine dominance into a balanced feminine ONE WOMAN at at time. (Yes, This means you ! ). And revalidating the power of Energy, Healing and the Inner-unseen in a society that finds the Physical, External and Logical more valuable. 

It is a commitment of impacting through a more feminine vibration and a more feminine entered approach , which includes a global focus on human needs, how to nurture them and how to be in true alignment in caring for the Mother Earth at large.