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Feminine Embodiment Coach

  • Host of the Pleasurably Grounded Confidence Podcast: The leading edge podcast for Awakened women who want to evict anxiety and find more freedom in feminine embodiment, intimate storytelling & provocative stories. Listen to claim your feminine sovereignty!
  • Creator of the Pleasurably Grounded Confidence ™ System: Which is a a deep well of feminine embodiment wisdom that women can access through Hope Jemimah's - Monthly Membership, 12 week Mastermind or 4 season Mentorship.
  • Facilitator of the Sovereign Energy Reiki Course: A traditional , authentic & decolonized Reiki course for holistic professionals who want to release codependency and burn out, to gain abundant energy so that they can serve at their highest level. This course includes a tracable lineage to the founder of Reiki Mikao Usui. 

What women are saying about the Podcast...

Hi Empaths! Im Hope Jemimah...

Im a Feminine Embodiment Coach and I work with Awakening women who are struggling with unresolved trauma that shows up as anxiety to have ;

i) A deliciously deeper connection with their feminine
ii) To find freedom from destructive cycles &
iii) Harness their Feminine Creative Genius

But what I am TRULY passionate about is ushering in a new paradigm of authentic feminine leadership.

"Loving, Powerful and Connected" Coreen L. 

 My experience working with Hope has been very loving, powerful and connected. She has loved me with grace and gentleness that I have become aware fully of the vastness of what she embodies and the medicine she carries. It is deep and powerful, wise and ancient.

"Genuineness and Walking the Walk"Christine H.

I wanted to receive from a teacher who truly 'walks the walk.' I found this genuineness in Hope. Her teaching and guidance is powerful, loving and very special, much like the woman herself.

"She is Authentic, Walks her Talk" Jen S.

Hope is an open, intuitive facilitator and a pleasure to work with. She is authentic--walks her talk, and passionate about sharing her knowledge with others. It’s this ease and approachability that will have me come back .

So What's my Story ?

How did I become a Feminine Embodiment Coach ?

My Journey like most coaches ,

Has been a Long and Arduous one ...
From being groomed by my family to become a nurse/ doctor... to
Having a spiritual awakening in 2011 while in Queens University,
That led me into a seeking path of my true "Life Purpose"

Then, Becoming an Reiki Master & Metaphysical Ordained Minister...
Hosting numerous Women Circles & Priestess Workshops
Travelling the world as an international Reiki Workshop Teacher
Naturallly Birthing two beautiful boys

And then, LOSING IT ALL , Just in time for my Soul Realization and Feminine Embodiment .

It was my soul saying ...

" Its time for a New Paradigm, Hope ! "

Find out more about my story in this video.
<<<---------- ^ ^ ^
(psst...I share all the details)  

"Confidence and Connectedness like never before" Chrissy B.

My spiritual journey has been a magical experience with the love and guidance of my sister Hope! She has taught me the true meaning of anchoring in the now . So privileged to work with such an amazing woman. Feeling a sense of confidence and connectedness like never before

"She Untethers Faulty Beliefs"Jillian W.

Hope has a creative entourage of skill-sets that set her apart as a teacher. Her leadership and authenticity of expression makes the way for others that much easier. My experiences in working with Hope is that she helps un- tether faulty beliefs to make way for a positive life

"Insightful and Empowering" Iryna A.

I enjoyed exploring this topic and connecting certain points of knowledge into one piece, gaining new and wider understanding . Definitely wishing to dive deeper into the details of this exploration. The Ceremony and meditation were beautiful.

My Current Offerings...

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Core Feminine Breakthrough Session

The one session that you will need to go from stuck / confused or triggered.... INTO a  Crystal-Clear,  feminine plan of relief

  • Hour long deep dive that delivers incredible relief results
  • No Upfront cost for the session. But an agreement of
    i) an honest review
    ii) a donation based on your results
  • Click the image for more

Pleasurably Grounded Confidence Mentorship
(Year long-  4 Seasons )

A Soul-Level Mentorship for women who are playing BIG and creating a legacy.

  • My highest level of offering for worthy women who are ready to invest in themselves
  • Full access to the 12 modules of the Pleasurably Grounded Confidence System
  • 2 BONUS ! Luxury retreats (only cover transportation)

Feminine Embodiment VIP Day

For Awakened Women who are ready to Quantum Leap their transformation into Soul Embodiment.

  • Full day Feminine Embodiment Immersion with Hope Jemimah
  • We co- plan the location & Embodiment play details
  • For women who want access to tools that may accelerate transformation.

Sovereign Energy Reiki Course.

The Traditional, Decolonized Reiki Course with an authentic, traceable  lineage to the founder of Reiki - Mikao Usui.

  • Designed for Holistic Practitioners who want to release energy codependency & burn out
  • Reiki I , II & III as well as 5 bonus energy courses
  • Get Certified PLUS receive Continuing Education Credits

Sign up for the "Deliciously Feminine Embodied" Free Course.

 The How to Guide to Embodying your Feminine Energy in such a DELICIOUS way ... its MOUTHWATERING !
5 Value Packed Modules including:
Embodied Dance, Podcast Interviews with Feminine Embodiment leaders, Embodiment Themes, Pleasure Trainings & more

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